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This is a list of Anime and Manga I personally like, and will of course add anything else that I run across that I like and recommend. Anime and manga are huge in Japanese culture. It’s pretty much everywhere (within reason).

But they are great learning platforms to really start understanding Japanese, and Japanese culture. Especially if you read manga, if you want to know how the culture as a whole speaks and acts, pick up a current manga and read it and you’ll see pretty much exactly how every day life is lived (without the robot explosions, monsters and evil demons).

Please feel free to follow us on our Facebook Page and recommend your favorite anime, or simply go below and leave a comment. I wish I had more time to watch Anime but I’m constantly studying and traveling. Which is it’s own type of reward. But there is down time we have and when we are on a plane we’ll check out a new anime.

It's possible to learn Japanese while watching your favorite anime


Welcome to the NHK [SERIES] – The life of a hikikomori conspiracy theorist.

Princess Jellyfish [SERIES] – A look into the Japanese gay and otaku culture in Japan.

xxxHolic [SERIES] – An interesting Anime about the supernatural and natural laws of life with tons of humor! A True Favorite

Speed Grapher [SERIES] – Societies, Elitism, Blackmail and Superpowers. Speed Grapher takes you inside the secrets of the Roppongi Club.

Mushi-shi [SERIES] – Follow Mushi-shi Ginko as he seeks out etherical based creatures that cause issues for the living (Great short stories!)

Tokyo Godfathers [MOVIE] – A group of homeless in Japan find a baby and try to return it to it’s parents.


Nihon Scope