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The series tells the story of former war photographer Tatsumi Saiga and his quest to save Kagura Tennōzu from Chōji Suitengu and the members of the fetish club, Roppongi Club. Kagura, the club’s “goddess”, can transform people into Euphorics, or people with their desired abilities granted, through her bodily fluids.

I can’t help to see a lot of reality to this Japanese anime series. Of course I can probably discount psycho creatures being created by virgin saliva to go about their crazy new life’s, but the under world in this anime really stands out.

So being able to take a story such as this and merge it into some classic anime super-natural phenomenon type of story, I think really made it a lot more interesting then say reading about Albert Pike and the Illuminati. Honestly though you don’t need to be in any kind of conspiracy group or even care to really get into this anime.

Please note: Tons of Blood/Gore and Sex/Sexuality I wouldn’t watch this if you’re a bit faint of heart honestly.

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