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I decided to compile the main entertainment pages into this one so that you can better discover what this site has to offer in terms of Japanese entertainment. There is absolutely so much that Japan has to offer. From Kabuki theater, to Anime and Manga. To comedy batsu games from the well known TV show series, Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai. There is more than enough to offer in the Japanese entertainment culture to keep you literally busy for years and years to come!

Japanese TV Shows and MoviesJapanese TV Shows and Japanese Movies

There are tons of fun Japanese TV shows, game shows and great Japanese cinema that are out there. Many need a platform so they can be shared.

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Real Japanese Manga and AnimeJapanese Anime & Manga

This is a list of Anime and Manga I personally like, and will of course add anything else that I run across that I like and recommend. Anime and manga are huge in Japanese culture. It’s pretty much everywhere (within reason).

But they are great learning platforms to really start understanding Japanese, and Japanese culture.

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Recommended Japanese Music Artists and SongsRecommended Japanese Music and Artists

I’m a huge music buff, I’ve always been, and ever since I can remember I’ve been stock pile music. In fact you can check out my huge Positive Music section I created for a Drug Rehab website I made awhile back here.

But why should this site be any different. Instead of just purely ‘positive’ music, I’ll share Japanese artists and music that I really like and recommend. Nothings better then great music, except for music that’s Japanese that rocks!

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