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This page is dedicated to an ever growing base of geographical information about Japan. Major islands, Regions, Prefectures and small cities. But will also grow to cover, land monuments, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, surrounding ocean and much more.

The Main Islands of Japan

There are four different sections of island that Japan breaks off into. Starting from the north and moving down you have:

Hokkaido Honshu Shikoku Kyushu

The Main Regions of Japan

Start from the north again working down you have.

Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu/Hokuriku Kinki (Kansai) Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu – Okinawa

Take a Japan region quiz to see if you know the Japanese regions, take it here!

Prefectures of Japan

Hokkaido has one: Sapporo

Tohoku Kanto Chubu/Hokuriku Kinki (Kansai) Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu – Okinawa
Aomori Tochigi  Niigata  Shiga  Tottori  Kagawa  Fukuoka
Akita Gunma  Toyama  Mie  Okayama  Tokushima  Oita
Iwate Ibaraki  Ishikawa  Kyoto  Hiroshima  Kochi  Saga
Yamagata Chiba  Nagano  Nara  Shimane  Ehime  Nagasaki
Miyagi Saitama  Yamanashi  Wakayama  Yamaguchi  –  Miyazaki
Fukushima Tokyo Shizuoka  Osaka  –  –  Kumamoto
Gifu  Hyogo  –  –  Kagoshima
Aichi  –  –  –  Okinawa
Fukui  –  –  –  –

You can test your Japanese geography skills by taking a quiz here.

Japan has many amazing prefectures and cities dotted all over it’s 4 islands. With this page you can look more closely into each area of Japan and get an overall understanding. I’ve been researching the subject of Japanese and Japanese history, geography and news since I was in high school and I still hardly feel I can be called a professional, but to be fair I know more than most especially outside Japan and my desire to continue to learn about Japan is my greatest strengths when it comes to say.. a Japanese website/blog!

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I do highly suggest checking out the map quiz above to really learn the prefectures quickly!

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