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We've been helping people learn more about Japan for over 6 years!

We made our way to Japan in April of 2017 to go to school to learn Japanese. We had a tough time with the first school we initially went to, and because of that we dedicated ourselves to helping others avoid the pit falls we experienced.

Your dream to visit Japan is precious! Trusting the wrong people with it can be devastating which we quickly discovered.

That's why we transformed Nihon Scope from a experiential blog to a business that now helps 100's of students world-wide make sure their dreams of going to Japan come true.

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Nihon Scope Unlimited G.K. in Japan

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More about Nihon Scope Unlimited

Nihon Scope formed a year before my wife and I visited Japan to go to school back in 2016. We initially built this as a blog to more so educate ourselves while also helping others. But it quickly turned into an experiential blog once we started living and going to school in Japan starting April 2017.

We had our ups and downs with Japanese schools, so much so that we dedicated ourselves to helping others not only learn about Japan, but also have someone they can trust guide them through the red tape that Japan is very much known for.

But it's easier than you think! You can make it to Japan with our help.

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Nihon Scope Unlimited G.K.

Nihon Scope Unlimited G.K. is not just an Japanese educational and support company/blog. We are also involved in Real Estate, Supplements, Natural & Organic Cleaning Supplies, Alternative Healing Modalities as well as Import/Export of goods in and out of Japan.

We are literally working to support the minds and the bodies of the world through our work inside Japan!

Nihon Scope Unlimited G.K. works under a capitalist humanitarian mission.
Our reach goes to wherever we can make a difference in people's lives.

Be it in Japan or throughout the World!

Our Real Estate and trading company works mostly with Akiya Bank homes where we repurpose the home into a functional living space, that is also biologically friendly.

We help mitigate harm from normal homes. From EMFs to adding water filters and more... We are also looking to expand the EMF mitigation technology (Biogeometry) to encompass towns and larger cities inside Japan. 

Our supplement, alternative treatment and cleaning supply company is through the brand "Sunwisher".

We work to help people detox as well as supplement missing vitamins and minerals in their lives. As well as work with non-invasive therapies such as the "Harmonic Egg" inside Japan.

We are also looking to spread the word about the dangers of GMO foods and pesticides as well as revive the works of Masanobu Fukuoka and his "Do Nothing Farming" technique.



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