My wife and I went to Japan in April, 2017 by the help of a popular organization that you know doubt would know the name of. There job was to help us find a school and then get to Japan. Although yes, we did make it to Japan, we ended up stumbling a lot along the way and having to do a lot of it ourselves. In the end I think they made it worse, because once we got there we found out that they sent us to school that treated us like we were bad high school students.

In many cases I was as old or older than the teachers there and they treated us horribly (I was 32 at the time)! Well I can tell you right now a lot of Japanese schools can seem great before you actually have to go to them and many of these organization that claim to help you, really are just trying to push you through the door to the highest paying schools available (it’s a business to them and you’re their paycheck!).

We’ve been there and done that.. what did we learn?

Having been through the wringer with this company and the school they pushed us into, we know what it’s like to have a dream be dashed to pieces. We had little to no support from both the organization that was supposed to help us, and we had little to no support from the school either, in fact they are the ones who made the experience horrible, and in the end exploited us while we attempted to leave the school.

So with this first hand experience we took building this page to help guide you to the VERY best school in Japan, one that continues to win award after award every single year, and since we actually went to this school (after we escaped the first school) we can say from experience you’ll want to know more about them before going with just any school.

Being forced into a corner is not fun nor motivating… and can lead to apathy and loathing of your situation if you sign up with the wrong school!

Not having options in a foreign country is a disaster both on your mental, physical and spiritual well being, don’t let your dream of traveling to Japan be destroyed by organizations who SOLE purpose is to make money and nothing else.

For many people traveling to a foreign country like Japan only happens once in a lifetime sadly, it’s vital you get in touch with a school who continually gets awarded the best Japanese school in Japan because they care about you as an individual, which is so vital to your success in Japan.

So what is the big deal about this school?

  • Small classes (unlike others that have 25-30 students in the class! <- this is normal sadly)
  • Teaching style focused on communicative Japanese so lots of speaking and listening practice
  • Fun classes but intensive and rigorous in the case of the 1 year/18 month student visa courses.
  • Cultural activities and language exchange partners available.
  • Being able to travel with the school to other parts of Japan
  • Can adapt and offer classes to what you the student are looking for

Here is one the biggest perks of this school and this is something that most people do not even consider…

  • Making friends as a westerner (USA/Europe/Australia) is much easier with this school, most other schools are students from China, Korea & Nepal, which means it’s harder to befriend those students who do not speak English at all, and they pack as many people into the school as they can possibly fit.Making friends is a vital part of your experience, (don’t under estimate this point!) and it can be the difference between having the time of your life and just surviving. We made friends from France, Australia, Vietnam, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and the UK! And OF COURSE we made friends with many Japanese while living in Japan! We still communicate with many of these people even today!

If Your Fast Your Fast If Your Not.. It’s Cool, Neither Was I!

And another reasons why I highly suggest this school is that if you feel like you’re not the best student out there, you don’t have to worry about falling behind because every step of the way you can modify and even change classes if need be… you can go faster or slower all dependent on how quickly or how slowly you are picking up the language.

Being that I’m someone who takes a bit of time to learn languages this was a god send. The first school I went to told me I had to just stick it out for 6 months before being able to review past material so I could grasp it! YES! You read that correctly! Don’t put yourself in that position, and I can tell you MOST schools in Japan will tell you this if you fall behind as well.

Now here is the really cool part!

There are locations in:

  • Fukuoka
  • Tokyo
  • Nagoya
  • Kyoto
  • Virtual so you can join in at anytime across the world!

Here is Something Different!

Why Not Travel and Live Throughout Many Popular Cities in Japan While Going to School?

This school is offering a chance to study at all these locations so you can live and go to school in all these areas. This opportunity is actually new to this school and wasn’t available when I was going here. My wife and I were going to the school in Fukuoka, which I really enjoyed a lot! Fukuoka is a great area!

Get More Diverse Assistance From Your Japanese School… It’s Not Just About Learning Japanese It’s About Being Supportive While You Live In Japan!

But that’s not all, the school offers housing help, travel help, VISA assistance as well as can get you work if you need it/want it while in Japan. You can get help setting up a bank account, purchasing your train pass (if need be), help using the post office and about anything else that one would need or want while living in Japan. If someone is to help guide you to the land of the rising sun, I highly recommend you going with them.

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