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Looking to go to FFLC to learn Japanese?

If you are thinking of going to FFLC, I would first off ask you if you like packed classes, strict rules, a stinky old school and a school where teachers will treat you like garbage and look forward to breaks more so than the students? Also if you even THINK you might be a bit slow on picking up the language… THIS IS NOT THE SCHOOL FOR YOU. If you’re looking to get your degree here, keep reading chances are you will NOT receive it!

But more importantly, ask yourself if you like to be extorted, because there could be a higher than normal chance of that happening at this specific school. ALSO for those people looking to get their “degree” from FFLC please turn your attention to the following comment on reddit from a past student:

Here is a comment from their Go Go Nihon YouTube video (first one), I’m not going to link to it, because I’m not interested in giving them even a no-follow, just look for the video you’ll find it (FFLC Go Go Nihon – Youtube, you can’t miss it):

NOT RECOMMENDED, I studied there 1 year and half. The moment I (and other friends) decided to leave the school they asked (the school) us to pay money we were not supposed to pay ( a lot of money). Their answer is always the same: “we made a mistake”. The dormitory also is very expensive compared to fukuoka prices, the same room the school give you for 50.000 yen can be rent for just 20.000 yen contacting real estate agencies. The dormitory also try to increase the electricity bill.

My wife and I simply were extorted (and from the comment above does it seem reasonable to say were not kidding??) when we tried to leave the school to go to another school in the area… which I’m much much happier with. They tried to tell us that we couldn’t get the transfer to the new school unless they “agreed” to it and what “agreed” meant was we needed to pay them 6 more months of school. They tried giving us documentation where it said this…. but there was NOTHING in writing nor anything signed saying that this specific “policy” was enacted through our contract with the school. So they extorted us for a recommendation to change schools even when my personal mental health was on the line, they didn’t care.


Please view the “proof” they sent us as to WHY we needed to pay them to leave below. I’ve decided instead of involved a Japanese lawyer (which all of them seem SOO understanding I don’t want to risk the money to have them go to bat for me), that I would just continue to call this horrible school out on their bullshit, at this point I rank for FFLC review, and many other goodies like that. I also tried to leave a review on their Facebook business page and then all their skeksis students that are “loyal” to them started to threaten me physically and verbally abuse me. It got SO bad, they deleted their Facebook review page, which was ranking #1 in Google… but they had to because it’s a BIG RED FLAG to stay away from them. I will be reaching out to past students and creating Youtube videos about these folks. They are not a good school, they are dangerous to trust coming over here, don’t risk your dreams with FFLC, stay away from them if you know what’s good.

UPDATE: They since got their Facebook review page back up and requested those who verbally harassed me (some with physical violence threats) to remove it. Now it’s pretty much just my review of FFLC now.

I’ve always been a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to languages, I actually had medical PROOF of when I was in school that I need extra help. They told me… and I quote (and I’m serious they said this)… “You can always just come to class for the next 4 months and the course will restart from the beginning”…. OH, great! Yeah because every day I was there I wanted to jump out their windows on the top floor, I was the most depressed and I had the most self hatred I’ve ever had in my life because they made me feel like a low life piece of shit. I’m someone who is very active in staying positive, but if you have ANY issues picking up a language, don’t come here! You’ll be run over, I tried for 2 months telling them I needed extra help, then in the end, my home room teacher decided to give me 15 minutes a day of her time. That’s when I knew I’d never catch up and I needed more help like that on a daily basis thusly why I moved to another school in the area that is MUCH MORE helpful. (I can share who they are privately).

Below you will see the “Proof” of “Why” I needed to pay them another 6 months for my wife and I to leave. You’ll notice the first one says NOTHING about anything related to HAVING to pay them anything else and the 2nd one is a SCREEN SHOT from Go Go Nihon.. Which WOULD NOT hold up in court, it’s not an agreement, you’ll see NO signatures agreeing to ANYTHING of what they say.

FFLC is a bunch of thieves and jokers honestly…. I would love to see them go out of business and stop meddling in peoples dreams. I may be slow with learning a language but I’m a genius on many other fronts, they didn’t care about my well-being, all they care about is money! Shame on them and I will continue throughout the rest of their sad pathetic life as a language school be here to expose them and keep finding others who had the same ill treatment from them.

UPDATE OCT 2019: Since this page has gone up I’ve helped around 6 different people FROM FFLC try to leave without geting ripped off. But have also helped 50+ people now steer away from FFLC by contacting me (probably hundreds more silently helped), it’s not a pat on the back, I’m just very very serious you don’t want to throw your Dream of Japan out the window because of these punks! I have much better suggestions for you all over Japan for schools to go to. In FACT, Nihon Scope has gone from an experiential blog to a Travel Agency that is now registered in Japan through a friend/partner that just got their Travel Agents license. We are helping people find better schools that will suit with their personality, FFLC has a VERY strict personality and those who make it through honestly either like or need that type of treatment, most people find it to be dehumanizing and stressful to work with their staff and teachers and overall way of doing things (mostly ripping people off).

review of FFLC and exposing them for theives and rip offs









I really think it’s funny to reference a 3rd party affiliate website to show PROOF that we needed to pay them this extra amount of money! No signatures, no NOTHING! Just frauds and scammers that should be put out of business. Please stay away from FFLC, if you need a good school to go to in Fukuoka/Hakata area let me know and I’ll in private let you know or work with finding you one that will work for what you need.

-Nihon Scope

YouTube Transcripts with GoGoNihon: Sep 26 2018 -just in case they delete comments-

FFLC review

PS: Don’t believe Go! Go! Nihon about anything when it comes to this school, they’re affiliate marketers and they make money selling and they only work with schools that will pay the biggest commission which means A LOT of good schools are not even offered to you (contact us we’re not like that). They flat out don’t tell the truth about this school and make it look like a fun exciting experience… But everyone besides again a small percentage that go to this school looks like they’re being drug through high school again.

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