My wife and I's current review of SSV Sharely Style Verde in Fukuoka, Japan
This is the Onojo location of Sharely Style Verde, but the same management runs both locations.

Review of Sharely Style Verde in Fukuoka

Review of Oct 2017

This page has been made to write a review of my wife and I’s experience about living at Sharely Style Verde shared housing in Fukuoka. Right now they will be receiving a 1 star (See update below) because they currently are deciding to steal our deposit because they made a mistake thinking we wanted to move out later then we did, despite us telling them in writing that we wanted to move out on the 4th.

Can Sharely Style Verde Be Trusted?

If they still decide to keep the money and steal from us I will be writing a fair review either way, but it will be noted that they will not be honorable when it comes down to money and how they treat that side of the business. I would also recommend never speaking with the staff about anything related to the money side of the business because they’re easily confused.


We managed to get about $400 back of our deposit (a month or so after the first review), still upset that we had to even negotiate that honestly when we never said anything about STAYING. A lot of these places have trouble understand English so keep things to yourself, if you’re going to move out, MOVE OUT and don’t say ANYTHING otherwise until you KNOW you need to tell them you need to stay.

Overall, I can’t say that I dislike Verde completely, I actually have very fond memories of living their and would consider it again, so $100 out. Whatever I’m over it for the most part. Just take the lesson we learned to heart before moving to Japan, you can stick your foot in your mouth because they have trouble with English. I would actually and have recommended Verde a bit since this post, so even though they pissed us off something fierce in the moment overall it’s a good place, Sharely Style Hakata was pretty gross a lot of the time and the upper kitchen stunk pretty bad. But overall if you stay in the lower kitchen I think from what I saw was a decent place to stay while going to school or working for awhile.

Star wise I’d give them a 4 stars overall besides adding in the confusion part, if I was to add that back in I’m thinking more 2.5 but the staff is always changing so there is never the same person really handling that part and it’s easy to say not all of them would have done that.

-Nihon Scope

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