didn’t know about this until maybe a couple years ago when I was living in Japan and met my now friend/business partner at the time.

She would sometimes respond with … “OK Bokujou!” … and my wife and I were like… Wth?

She then said it became a popular phrase from a boxer named Guts back in the 70s, who then became a TV actor! … makes me think after all this that the main character in Berserk may stem from his name as well? Who knows.

Here is an interesting tid bit on it… and may you never forget… OK 牧場!

Here’s an AD with OK bokujou that my buddy from Japan found!

ぶちょう、きかくしょ これで いい でしょうか?
OKぼくじょう なんちゃって
How about this proposal?
OK, ranch.
What the heck.

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