Autumn Colors in Tohoku


Learn more about Tohoku :
Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.
Turn on subtitles and the shooting location will be displayed.

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The Tohoku region is an area that consists of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and Niigata Prefecture.

Film directed by Yuki Eikawa
Music by Wolves Unite Japan, Inc.

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The Quality of Research Update

Shinto and Buddhism in Japan Social EvolutionBetter Articles Not More

I’ve found even when I put in several hours a day researching certain things about Japan, the culture, history and what have you, I still seem to not be able to get an article out every day, but I also decided I’d rather have it this way, instead of pushing the situation. I’m personally working on some purposeful use articles. Like how the trash is sorted in Fukuoka as well as doing some research on the sharing culture and the etiquette, so I believe having these articles fairly researched over a few days a bit better then flinging random information out that I find on the first video or article that pops up on a Google search.

Better Ways to Learn Japanese Fluently

Also with this new take on my article writing and research I’m taking a suggestion (to a point) from a user on as well about how even basic things can be skewed over the internet. The internet is not all mighty and there is a huge gap in certain things and information, which is true, so I’ll be working on more ‘useful’ information for myself before leaving to Japan. With that said, I also have learned a lot of things about the world and Japan that have been confirmed by real people, so it’s not entirely a bad thing (obviously). Since I developed this site personally for myself to learn about the culture and then for you (and others) next, I have to decide what is going to best serve me on my journey. With that, I’ve decided to do some work on dialect work from Fukuoka here in the future (and other relevant works) as that’s where I’ll be living and that’s what truly important. I do look forward to filming and doing personal work while over there that is physical and can be measured in real-time instead of constantly having to personally research situations about Japan. Instead I’d like to report on real time on goings from inside Japan. We’re also hoping to get a guest writer position for

So even though we’ve (I) have not been able to do an article a day, I am still researching to write better quality and perhaps more truthful and accurate information moving forward as best as I can.


アーバンギャルド – あくまで悪魔 URBANGARDE – AKUMA DES AKUMA

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Japanese Laundry Detergent + Organic/Natural Brands

Japanese Laundry Detergent and SafenessPopular Laundry Detergent in Japan + Natural/Organic Brands

I’m someone who knows more then the general public does when it comes to the chemical warfare that we are exposed to every day, I’ve done the research and have seen the physical effects of bad detergents, not only are most horribly bad for the environment, they are also horribly bad for YOU, and especially children.

Better Ways to Learn Japanese Fluently

Most laundry detergent are so bad for you, that the lobbyist here in America made it so that laundry detergent manufactures do not BY LAW have to tell you what it’s in the mixture of death. To be blunt, it’s a toxic concoction of petroleum based products and many are straight responsible for the rise in asthma and respiratory challenges as well as cancer. To push this even further in many main stream brands of detergents have a chemical used in them that are actually used in laboratory conditions to INDUCE asthma attacks for research!

So here is a basic run down of popular detergents in Japan, and few you may want to lean towards when given the option! Overall it’s not super popular for natural/organic safe detergents in Japan, but they do exist! When my wife and I get over there we’ll update with a new post when we find more options for those that care about their health.


Words to know when reading ingredients and words on detergent boxes/bottles:

洗濯 せんたく sentaku laundry
洗剤 せんざい senzai detergent
粉末 ふんまつ funmatsu powder
液体 えきたい ekitai liquid
固形 こけい kokei solid
石鹸, 石けん, せっけん せっけん sekken soap
柔軟剤 じゅうなんざい juunanzai fabric softener
柔軟仕上げ剤 じゅうなんしあげざい Jūnan shiage-zai fabric softener
詰替用 or つめかえ用 つめかえよう tsumekaeyou refill
液性 えきせい ekisei pH
香り かおり kaori scented
入り いり Iri Included
なし Nashi without
おしゃれ着 おしゃれちゃく Oshare chaku fashionable clothes
無添加 むてんか mutenka – no additives
エコ洗剤えこせんざいEkosenzai – Eco-detergent
環境洗剤 かんきょうせんざい kankyousenzai – Environmental detergent


成分 せいぶん seibun ingredients
界面活性剤 かいめんかっせいざい kaimenkasseizai surfactant
合成 ごうせい gousei synthetic
純石けん じゅんせっけん junn sekken pure soap
酸素系 さんそけい sansokei color-safe bleach
塩素系 えんそけい ensokei chlorine bleach
衣料用漂白剤 いりょうようひょうはくざい iryouyou hyouhakuzai hyouhakuzai Clothing bleach
漂白剤 ひょうはくざい hyouhakuzai bleaching agent
漂白剤なし ひょうはくざいなし Hyōhaku-zai nashi no bleach
蛍光増白剤 けいこうぞうはくざい keikouzouhakuzai optical brighteners
酵素 こうそ kouso enzymes
アルカリ剤 アルカリざい arukarizai alkaline agents
水軟化剤 みずなんかざい mizunankazai water softener
柔軟剤入り じゅうなんざいいり juunanzai-iri including fabric softener
無香科 むこうか Mukou ka No added fragrances
配合していません はいごうしていません Haigō shite imasen Not formulated

Laundry detergent is typically labeled as: 洗濯用合成洗剤 on the back following 品名 (hinmei), which means “product name”

Common Brands:

  • Arau (SAFE TO BUY)
  • アリエール  (Ariel)

  • アタック  (Attack)

  • アワーズ  (Awa’s)
  • ボールド  (Bold)

  • エマール  (Emal)

  • ファファ  (Fa-Fa)

  • ミヨシ  (Miyoshi)

  • ニュービーズ  (New Beads)

  • トップ  (Top)

  • ブライト (Bright)
  • シャボン玉 (Soap Bubble)

  • ブルーダイヤ (Blue Diamond)


  • 洗浄剤 (washing soap) -アクアウォッシュ洗浄剤

  • Pigeon – Pua
    Detergent stuffFabric softener:

Fabric softener bottles look very similar to laundry detergent bottles, but instead, their 品名 (“product name”) on the table on the back of the bottle will be 柔軟仕上げ剤. Also, fabric softeners tend to be extremely scented, which is reflected by the flowers, berries and other representations of scents on the bottle. Fabric softener has been shown to be the most poisonous part of doing laundry. The EPA actually says on their own website that if some of these chemicals are floating around in the air that they are to be taken serious and to be avoided. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER. It’s better to get dryer balls instead to make your clothes less starchy.


Chemical Crap Downy Detergentさらさ (Sarasa)

Pink Brand of detergent in Japanレノア (Lenor)

Renoa Japanese Brandファーファ (Fafa)

Weird Bear Launry Detergent Ripoffソフラン (Soflan)

Soflan Laundry Detergent in JapanMieux Luxgeous

Fancy Cleaning AgentsAroma Rich
Interesting smelling detergents in Japanハミング (Humming)

An odd cleaning detergent called humming


Popular brands:

ブライト (Bright)
Bright Cleanersハイター (Haiter)

A popular cleaning product in Japanワイドハイター (Wide Haiter)

Widde Haiter Brand

マイブリーチ (My Bleach)

My Bleach Japanese Brand

Organic Detergent in JapanDetergent for super fine clothes: (Good to Buy)

The Laundry Detergent has premium ingredients and can save you a trip to the dry cleaners for certain fancier clothing. It also has a premium price at $42.73 for 500ml

Aroma materials / ingredients detergent components (surface Activator equivalent amount): high grade alcohol-based (non-ionic) 9%, coconut oil fatty acid alkanolamide (ME A use) 7%, other: ro purified ingredients: Lavender essential oil 1% 83% (additive is any unused) water / liquid: neutral / applications: cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, wool, silk fabric washing


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