This is the twenty-fourth video of the Waku Waku Japanese video series teaching basic Japanese phrases. いく, いこう, 飲みに行こう (のみにいこう), お寿司を食べに行こう (おすしをたべにいこう), ラメーンを食べに行こう, スターバックスに行こう, 公園に行こう (こうえんにいこう), 海に行こう (うみにいこう).

Another note not made in this video is that the word for “someplace” in general is どこか to state that you are going someplace in general. But you may use どこか more when asking someone if they would like to go somewhere with the expression どこかにいきませんか or more casually どこかにいかない.

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