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Chiba, Japan – Sightseeing, History and More

Chiba- A Real Destination for Audacious Explorers 

Chiba prefecture, placed in the Kanto region, is Japan’s most popular destination due to its diverse attraction spots. Chiba is located in the contiguous eastern area of Tokyo, making it a hotspot for tourists to popular cities. Chiba-shi is the capital of this prefecture and is most part surrounded by the Boso peninsula.

Chiba is the sixth most populated region, and its coast is enclosed with two quasi-national parks and one prefectural natural park. Disneyland park, ancient temples, wild valleys, Chiba caters countless charms for very everyone.

If you are an audacious explorer, you will wonder to know its history. Chiba has its evidence from the Jomon period and embraces enormous kaizuka sea shell mounds from ancient times. The Chiba name comes from two kanji words, , which implies thousand, and the second,  which meant for leaves and was first adopted by the Taira clan.

When you think about Chiba, visiting various attractive stops comes to your mind. Some of these are:

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple: This temple is based on Buddhism and is located in Narita City. This temple is listed among the top destination because of its ancient Japanese religions and devoted pilgrims. Its proximity to Narita airport makes it a suitable location to reach and travel back to other cities.

Disney Parks: Tokyo Disney parks are the second most famous wonders in Japan that make the family trip full of fun and imprints unforgettable memories. This park comprises the idea of Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, etc. is full of creativity, magic, and impressive designs for all ages.

Kujukuri Beach: Chiba’s longest beach is perfect for those who want a quiet marine spot to stay long. This 60 meter stretched beach is for beach lovers and is supposed one of the famous surfing spots full of restaurants known for delicious seafood.

Yoro Valley: Chiba’s has fantastic hiking locations and many beautiful waterfalls. Autumn time is best if you want to see the valley’s real beauty with red and yellow leaves.

Chiba is indeed the leading producer of peanuts due to its mild climate and productive land bounded by most coastal areas. Other root vegetables like carrot, radish, and fruits like plum, pears are common to get these treasures here. In marine products, you will find sardine, lobster, seaweed, etc., making Chiba a home of the excessive yield of farming, forest, and seafood.

Dishes you should try when you come to Chiba are 

Katsuura Tantanmen – This is a local dish full of noodles topped with onions, soy sauce, and chili oil. Katsuura Tantanmen is a popular dish among local divers, and now it becomes popular among visitors too.

Namerou: This famous dish is a blend of fish meat mixed with shallots, all crumbled collectively. This dish is available in the southern Boso peninsula and shops near that area.

Festivals that make your trip enthralling are Swara no Taisai- a parade float festival in the Kanto region, Ohara naked festival. People carry portable shrines and Katsuura Big Hina Matsuri, a doll festive in which Hina dolls decorated and put up on Steps to show off.

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