Not only is a butler a great place for women to be pampered by attractive Japanese men, but there are also foreign butler cafes with non-Japanese butlers.

Butler Cafe Japan Being Served Butler Cafe Japan Being Held Butler Cafe Japan Welcome Inside Butler Cafe Japanese Butlers Butler Cafe Japanese Butler Butler Cafe Japan Sign

Although the idea sounds fascinating. I’ve read otherwise. Here is a story of a woman who not only went to a butler cafe, but also knew foreign men who worked there.

They have a high turnover rate for new butlers. The butlers have to memorize lines which makes them awkward. And there is a strict policy about photos as to not mistakenly get an unpaid shot of a butler.

You can pay to have a butler of your choice lift you up and take a picture with them just as the princess above did.

But I guess not all cafe’s are the same. Here is another story of a pleasant visit to a butler cafe.

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