Church of A-san

All Hail A San Japanese Fluency God

Our Lord and Savior A-san! Blessed be those who praise his name for they shall find Japanese Fluency!!

Meet Your Japanese Fluency Lord – Mighty A-san!

All mighty A-san we praise you, we’ll live forever off of your soul, we’ll eat of your bread, and let fluency flow through us.  Praise B, A-san. Nani, Dare, Doko and the holy Shikaku Doushite.

-Rev Martin


NOTE: A-san is a mock parody religion that makes learning Japanese a bit more light hearted. A-san and the Church of A-san are not real serious organizations and everything here is suppose to be fun, and a tad retarded (as A-san appears in all the Japanese work books). We think of him kind of as a Mr. MaGoo, he bumbles around the place, yet finds fluency in Japanese despite being an idiot.

If you find any kind of parody based around religion offensive, I’d suggest leaving this page now.


Better Ways to Learn Japanese Fluently

With the Guidance of A-san and of Japanese Pod 101 YOU WILL Find Fluency in Japanese!

This page has been created to serve the Holy Shikaku Doushite, and by doing so we allow Japanese Fluency to flow through us, and all that abide to this holy creed. To keep up on the holy messages and the holy book of A-san like our fan page above and/or bookmark this page to continually stay tuned to the old and the new of A-san!