FFLC: Fukuoka Foreign Language College Review

Looking to go to FFLC to learn Japanese?

I will be soon adding to this page about my wife and I’s experience with FFLC. To give you a quick answer if you are thinking of going to FFLC, I would first off ask you if you like packed classes, strict rules, a stinky old school and while 90% teachers are rigid, strict and who don’t want to be there either.

Also ask yourself if you like to be extorted, because there could be a higher than normal chance of that happening at this specific school. ALSO very important for those people looking to get their “degree” from FFLC please turn your attention to the following stated on reddit from a past student:

My wife and I simply were extorted when we tried to leave the school to go to another school in the area… which I’m much much happier with. They tried to tell us that we couldn’t get the transfer to the new school unless they “agreed” to it and what “agreed” meant was we needed to pay them 6 more months of school. They tried giving us documentation where it said this…. but there was NOTHING in writing nor anything signed saying that this specific “policy” was enacted through our contract with the school. So they extorted us for a recommendation to change schools even when my personal mental health was on the line, they didn’t care.

I will be sharing these documents with you the reader in the couple weeks so you can see for yourself. We are currently speaking with a lawyer recommended from the US Consulate here in Fukuoka. I will further review all aspects of the school and help those who should turn away from FFLC and for those who might benefit from FFLC (which is a small percentage sadly).

-Nihon Scope

PS: Don’t believe Go! Go! Nihon about anything when it comes to this school, they’re affiliate marketers and they make money selling. They flat out don’t tell the truth about this school and make it look like a fun exciting experience… But everyone besides again a small percentage that go to this school looks like they’re being drug through high school again.

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Nihon Scope

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