Church of A-san –

The 10 Holy Questions – Morning A-san Meditations #relax #praiseasan

The 10 Holy Commandments of the Praised A-san. He shall guide us. A-san is with us and shall be with you too when you recite these in your morning prayer.

kore ha nan desu ka?

doushite ?

doko desu ka ?

dare desu ka ?

itsu desu ka ?

nani wo shite imasu ka ?

nan to omoi masu ka ?

nan to ite imasu ka?

nanji desu ka ?

dou yatta ? find more A-san scripture here!

Church of A-san –

Meet Your Japanese Fluency Lord – Mighty A-san! All mighty A-san we praise you, we’ll live forever off of your soul, we’ll eat of your bread, and let fluency flow through us. Praise B, A-san. Nani, Dare, Doko and the holy Shikaku Doushite. -Rev Martin PLEASE COME BACK SOON AND LIKE OUR FAN PAG…

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